Mozilla Firefox 6.0 Final Free Download

Posted by Abdul Roqib | Thursday, August 18, 2011 2 comments
Mozilla Firefox 6.0 Final is finally released by Mozilla on 16 August, after a beta release as much as 6 times. In the final release of Firefox version 6 there are several new features such as speed enhancements, and there are also over 1.300 fixes and improvements.

Mozilla Firefox 6.0

Mozilla Firefox 6.0 New Features :
  • It’s Faster: Mozilla claim the new browser is 20% faster than Firefox 5 (which wasn’t particularly slow). The speed gains will also be evident to Linux users.
  • URL Highlighter: Firefox 6 highlights a site’s domain in the address bar (sorry Mozilla, I still can’t bring myself to call it the Awesome bar!) It’s a feature present in all competing browsers.
  • Website Permissions Control: Browsers let you control permissions such as cookies, JavaScript restrictions, pop-up windows, password storage, etc. on a global or page-by-page basis. However, you’re unlikely to have the same relationship with your online banking application as you do with Facebook.
  • JavaScript Scratchpad: The new Scratchpad console allows you to execute JavaScript code. It has access to every object and variable within the current page, but new Scratchpad variables won’t leak into it.
  • More HTML5, CSS3 and DOM Loveliness: Web developers will able to adopt the following HTML5 technologies in Firefox 6.
Download : Mozilla Firefox 6.0

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