Blackberry Colt with OS QNX & Dual Core Processor

Posted by Abdul Roqib | Friday, August 19, 2011 1 comments
BlackBerry Colt Further details about the smartphone that will come from QNX-based RIM began to unfold. We initially thought that the single-core processors will be used to save battery, against what most are already on the market. However, RIM was going to cram dual-core processor in the device, and will make a full touchscreen as well, like his brother the BlackBerry Playbook greater with 7-inch screen.

Blackberry Colt

While the exact specifications of the processor and screen size is not known for sure, it is expected that RIM will give at least the same size as the new BlackBerry 9850/9860 Torch measuring 3.7-inches. We also think that this phone will use the radio when it launches HSPA+, LTE and 4G technology yet, according to sources Crackberry.

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis uses the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of the company to reveal that the first device that will respond to the challenges of competition with the iPhone and Android to be launched in Q1 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Will it run BES? I've heard that it may not. That would be blasphemy...

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