File Splitter & Joiner v3.3 Free Download [Softpedia Link]

Posted by Abdul Roqib | Saturday, August 13, 2011 2 comments
File Splitter and Joiner 3.3 is a software that has two functions. The first function is to split a large file into sections/parts of the same, and the second function is to combine file parts into one file.

Judging from the above function, this software will certainly be very important for you who likes to download large files and the air-parts (consisting of multiple parts/sections). And as well as for you who often upload large files to the site (hosting) on the internet.

File Splitter & Joiner v3.3

What's new in File Splitter and Joiner 3.3:
  • Bug fixed: Auto drop shadow effects
  • Bug fixed: Drag n Drop behaviors
  • Bug fixed: FFSJ Shell Context Menu on Vista
  • FFSJ now uses Segoe UI font on Windows Vista
  • FFSJ 3.2 mainly focuses on Vista compatibility.
  • Added File Associations to FFSJ standard.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Download Link:
File Splitter & Joiner v3.3

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multifunctional of the software today is very important, thanks for the nice info

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