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fable, the lion and the mouse

One day a lion was sleep
A little mouse jumped upon him
That made the lion wake up
The lion was very angry
He caught the mouse under his big paw
I have caught you !
I have caught you ! roared the lion
“squeak !” cried the mouse
Please let me go !
I will help you some day
The lion laughed at that
“How can a little mouse help a lion ?” asked the lion
Oh but I can ! I can ! answered the frightened mouse an hope pityingly
I will let you go this time
But do not wake up me again
The little mouse ran home
One day the lion was caught in a great net
“Roar ……….. roar…….roar……..! cried the lion
The little mouse heard him and ran to help him “you can help me” said the lion
When he saw the mouse, yes, I can, said the mouse
I can help you
I will graw the rope of the net
Thank you I get out.
He grawed the ropr in two soon the lion wasw out the net
“Thank you mouse”, said the lion
I see now that a little friend can e a great friend.

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It's a good story

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